Comments from Veterans

“Thank you for this. Incredible idea. I have had a gun to my head before, and the only thing that stopped me was thinking about my kids.”


“This is like a big emotional stop sign for me. Thank you.”


“Seeing this every day helps me remember what I’m living for.”


“Thank you for everything that you do for this community, the support we receive from your organization and others like it is an invaluable tool to our continued survival, and has undoubtedly helped many more veterans than any one person is aware of. Thank you.”


“You guys are doing great things for veterans. Keep up the great work.”


“I think it’s absolutely amazing what you’re doing for the Veteran community. Keep up the amazing work. Semper Fi.”


“This is by far one of the best ideas I have seen….”


“I think it’s awesome that you have come up with a unique way to help. So many brothers and sisters need a reminder at the right time.”


“This really puts my faith back in humanity. I can’t thank you guys enough. I’ve had too many friends take the path of least resistance. They all need to know that the fight is worth it.”


“If you could add the Marine Corps emblem as my photo that would be great! I know a brother that this could of possibly made him think twice of taking his life. I will pass this on and thank you.”