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**If you are a veteran, go to the Free GunSkins for Vets page**


GunSkins®, a leader in do-it-yourself, high performance vinyl wraps that can be applied to firearms for protection and camouflage, has generously created a line for Cover Me Veterans, which consists of camouflage pistol kits with our logo embedded into the patterns.

The kits include pre-cut pieces for the left and right sides, and 3 mag skins for the bottom of pistol magazines. There is also an additional piece for the slide or barrel. The kits are generic and allow for the user to trim along the edge of the firearm for a perfect fit. They are easy to install and remove, and leave no residue behind.


We are excited to now offer civilians the opportunity to purchase Cover Me Veterans GunSkins® to show your support.
Your purchase also helps us to continue to provide our service completely FREE of charge to Veterans and current service members.


Consistent with our mission of intervening in suicide attempts within the military population, adding a personally relevant photograph to GunSkins® is available only to Veterans and current service members. We are grateful for the purchase and display of our Cover Me Veterans GunSkins® by civilians to raise awareness of our mission and to assist in raising critical funds which allow us to provide our service free of charge to Veterans and service members.




What size should I choose?

We initially offered one size of our Cover Me Veterans GunSkins, which is made to fit ALL handguns, and does so quite well. However, we received requests for a slightly larger template that was modeled after the 1911, so we now offer this, as well. If you have questions related to fit, you may want to refer to the photos on our website, and please feel free to direct questions to us at


I understand that purchasing Cover Me Veterans GunSkins® as a civilian is to support the mission of decreasing the disproportionately high rate of suicide in the Veteran population, and that Cover Me Veterans does not intend for these civilian GunSkins® to prevent suicide.



  1. Choose a PATTERN.
  2. Choose a SIZE.


Battle Worn
Battle Worn
Vista Pink
Vista Pink
1911 Fit

For slightly larger handguns, modeled after the 1911. For a smaller fit, choose the Universal Fit size.

Universal Fit

Made to fit most handguns. For a slightly larger handgun, choose the 1911 Fit size.

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